About Us


We’re Jill and Simon May, the husband and wife team behind A Million Stories. 

Here’s a little bit about us and our journey so far...

With successful careers as commercial interior designers we decided during lockdown 2020 to take the plunge and create our own homeware brand. Driven by the desire to live in a kinder, fairer, greener world we felt the time was right for us to walk the talk. If we wanted to see a positive change in the world we had to lead the way and take action ourselves. 

The aim was to create beautiful homeware products that combined our design values of expression, colour, quality and a joie d'vivre with a growing urge in an increasingly complex world to help and support others. With this vision in mind A Million Stories was born.  

Addressing the issues caused by displacement and mental health we got to work conducting a series of creative workshops. 

We listened to the stories of a handful of incredibly brave individuals, those willing to share and eager to get involved. By supporting one another, talking, sharing our thoughts and experiences we built trust and were offered an insight into the pathway of their lives. 

Faithfully translating their stories into unique patterns and prints we’re now excited to be growing our collection of carefully tailored homeware products. 

Additionally we're expanding our network of charity partners so that more stories can be revealed and more lives changed. 

And after all that the best bit is, a share of the profits goes right back to our individual protagonists, to deliver against projects that are close to their hearts. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of designs, safe in the knowledge that your purchase helps to support the lives of real people, and that your home will never be the same again. 

With all our love

Jill & Simon xx


Get in Touch - we’d love to hear from you. Tell us your story or tell us about the incredible people in your life. And who knows, our next collection could have you as the star of the show.